Who is Target’s next GO Designer?

I walked into Target the other day to check out their GO designer for the month and what? No GO?!?! What’s going on here?

So I logged on to target.com only to find Erin Fetherston’s collection on Clearance and a nail biting flash message that quickly scrolled through the Go designer time line and ended with text that read: “Friends for over 13 years, these LA based designers launched their first clothing collection in 2003. Their designs of classic shapes, striking prints and playful finishes have already gained a fan base from chic women ’round the globe.”

So after oodles of googles, here’s what I came across…

This article from theenvelope.latimes.com from back in August ’07 entitled “Milla Jovovich fashions new Target The “Resident Evil” star unveils a new capsule line in Spring ’08…”

which then led me to…

Jovovich-hawk.com where the bio states: “established by Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk in LA in 2003. Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk design clothes that encompass the belief of ‘feel good, look great, feel bad, look great’. Friends for over 10 years–”

So… it’s gotta be right?!

We’ll just have to
wait and find out now won’t we?

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