Is Your Mascara Expired?

The Fashionable Housewife blog is a good one to subscribe to. Take a read at snippets below (or click here to read the full post) from her entry on how to care for your tubes of mascara and the icky things that can grow inside them if you’re not careful:

Mascara and liquid eyeliners should be throw away and replaced every three to six months. This is not a marketing scheme to get you to buy more mascara, believe it or not.

Truth is, whether you pay $6 or $26, you are still going to get a buildup of bacteria if you aren’t careful with your mascara. Follow these guidelines below to make your mascara go the distance.

Make Mascara Last Longer:
*NEVER share your mascara. Ever. Doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or your daughter, eyelashes have mite and dust and all kinds of things on them. Eyelashes are made to protect your eyes from bacteria etc, so they are catching all those things you don’t want in your eyes. By letting someone else use your mascara, you are getting whatever crap has collected on their eyelashes in your mascara, then you are introducing it to your own eyelashes. Gross!

*Wash your face and eyelashes before applying mascara. Don’t add additional coats of mascara again during the day to freshen your look. Whatever has fallen on your eyelashes since you washed them and applied the first coat, will then go into your tube of mascara and potentially contaminate it.

*Clean your mascara wand every month. Use a gentle soap, preferably sulfate-free, and let the wand dry completely before reinserting it into the tube of mascara.

*Stop using all your eye makeup if you get conjunctivitis or any other eye illness. Immediately throw away all your eye makeup products like eye liner and mascara and replace it only after your infection has been away for at least 4 weeks.

By following these simple steps, you can make your mascara last a lot longer than 3 months. Practice good hygiene and cleanliness with your mascara and it will last till the tube is empty, which usually takes about 4-6 months with daily use. It’s also best to only have 1 or 2 tubes of mascara at a time so you can use them up in a reasonable amount of time before they go rancid. Keeping used tubes of mascara around longer than 6 months isn’t a great idea. However, you can keep bran new, unopened tubes of mascara around for up to 2 years.

And remember that every time you pump the mascara wand, air gets into the tube. This creates a possible breeding ground for germs and eye mites. Not only that, it can make your mascara dry out and get clumpy much sooner.

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