1 peaceBOMB Bracelet : 3 Meters of Littered Land

peacebomb banglesElizabeth Suda, designer and founder of Article 22, a Brooklyn based sustainable design company that creates goods that tell stories and solve problems, is on a mission to create economic opportunity for traditional artisans that lack market knowledge and access.

One of her projects is Peacebomb, a jewelry collection made by Laotian artisans from Vietnam War era bombs dropped on Laos, the most heavily bombed country in history.

Peacebomb is about turning negative to positive: artisans reshape the bombs and we buy them back.

Witness the story of peaceBOMB: bracelets made from Vietnam War bombs. Learn about the Laotian artisans who make them and take action. Just by wearing a peaceBOMB bracelet you support artisan livelihoods, raise awareness about the ‘Secret War’ in Laos during Vietnam and the efforts of NGOs advocating to ban the use of cluster munitions:

Taking a market oriented and design driven approach to sustainable economic development through handcrafts, she partners with NGOs and traditional artisan communities to capacity build upon pre-existing skills sets and develop small businesses in a way that is natural to local lifestyle, environment, and culture. She co-creates authentic, beautiful and meaningful products for a discerning international market. Then, she tells their story.


Lao metal smiths who engineered bracelet molds for the Peace Bomb bracelet. Photo: Article 22.

peaceBOMB bangles

Learn more about their products for peace at:

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