Ask tristinstyling: How Do I Layer Jewelry?

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Lately, I’ve noticed the trend of layering jewelry to create a nice mix of metals, tones, and textures. Sometimes it looks really good and sometimes it just looks bad.

How do I accomplish a tastefully done layered jewelry look?

Is there a way to accomplish this on a budget or do you suggest investing in higher quality jewelry to get that polished, but stylish and updated look?


Layering jewelry is definitely a way to spruce up any outfit since clothing isn’t the only thing in your wardrobe that becomes more interesting and fun when you layer. Jewelry looks even more fabulous when you layer it right!

In fact, one easy way to figure out which pieces might work well together is to just pay attention to how jewelry is layered in the photos that accompany product shots when you shop online or browse catalogs and magazines.

Scroll down to see some examples of our favorite layered bracelet, and necklace looks this season…


Ask tristinstyling: How do I layer jewelry tastefully?

Pieces above clockwise from the top right corner:
1. Harlow Bangle, $32. Mixed Metals.
2. Copper Cupchain, $39. Available in Rosegold.
3. Rhea Bangles $79. Available in Rose Gold.
4. Clover single wrap , $39. available in Silver.
5. Bardot Spiral Bangle $49. Available in Silver or Gold.
6. Renegade Cluster Bracelet, $59. Available in Gold.
7. Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet, $59. Available in Green or Cognac Brown.
8. Revival Bracelet $34. Available in White.
9. Tribute Bracelet, $36. (proceeds go to Breast Cancer), RoseGold/Silver Combo.
10. Vintage Twist, $39. Available in Silver, or Mixed Gold/Silver.
11. Studded Trifecta Wrap $59. Available in Black.

Statement Necklaces:

When it comes to layering up top, you can layer delicate pieces or be bold with a colorful statement piece that will go with a lot of your wardrobe:

Lovely Statement Necklaces

Pieces above from left to right:
1. Zahara Bib, $248. Color blocking Trend.
2. Campari, $128. Red/Gold.
3. Bamboleo, $228. Mixed Tropical Colors.

Delicate Necklaces:

‘Delicate Necklaces’ can be worn alone for a little detail or layered to make a little more of a statement:

Layering Necklaces

Clockwise from the piece on the left:
1. Starry Night, $98. Available in Gold.
2. Ever After, $49. Available in Silver or Gold.
3. On the Mark, $49. Available in Gold.
4. After Midnight, $89. Available in Gold.

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