tristinstyling on Street Fashion: Comfortable Style

by Christine Matsunaga

When people think about fashion, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is runway styles and red carpet glitz and glam. But the runway isn’t the only place where one could find people making fashion statements.

As I was walking out of a record store on Lincoln Avenue today, I couldn’t help but notice a local (Rosanna L pictured here) who was lighting up a cigarette with really cool style! So here goes “tristinstyling on Street Fashion” entry number one.

The first thing I noticed was her kelly green socks that peeked out from under her dark denims which were nicely folded with big cuffs just above the ankle and how they brought out the light tints of green in her laces strung through her nicely worn in chucks. Up top she sported a hot pink sweater under a black hoodie with a funky knitted beanie that had sprinkles of plums and pinks in the chunky yarn and topped everything all off with what looked like a hemp woven mini messenger purse. She was sporting a really cool very short cut that she had just gotten done at Tigerlilie Salon.

Til next time!

Oh and P.S.
It was so funny because while I was diggin’ on her cozy style, my husband couldn’t help but drool a bit over her bike so I kept it in the picture for all you bike fans out there 😉

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