Devotte’s Divine Design

New York-based Designer Nancy Kim is the woman behind this divine collection of shoes named it Devotte as a play on shoes being her most “coveted” wardrobe pieces. Perfect for the lifestyle of the cosmopolitan woman (where some would find it more efficient to not have to keep a stash of shoes at the office) her heels don’t go too high for comfort so one can wear them all day!

Here’s a snippet from refinery29 that breaks it down nicely:
According to Kim, good footwear also posed “the biggest challenge,” and anyone who’s walked ten blocks in a new pair of strappies would agree. What she’s come up with is a small but refreshing line of shoes, most of which carry off the signature Devotte heel, which is, according to our experts, just high enough. Kim confirms it was important to her to make comfortable designs her active customers could wear all day, from office to evening with a minimum of agony—all shoes come with a high-tech insole that has anti-shock and slow rebound properties, plus a lifetime guarantee.

I had a hard time picking my favorite pair so I had to make a top 3 (my 3 favorites below):

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