#StyleBosses we Love: Jen Worman from Red Soles & Red Wine

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For a little while now, we’ve been wanting to start a new series featuring our favorite #StyleBosses. Well we couldn;t think of a better way to start than with Jennifer Worman of Red Soles and Red Wine!? Not only does she have a successful blog, but she’s also the CEO and Co-founder (with her sister Tiffany) of the well known brand T + J Designs.

We had a chance to hang with her at several events this year and we are HUGE fans of her designs. They’re not only innovative and original, but they’re actually super affordable! Make sure to check them out here, plus if you subscribe to their email updates you’ll receive 15% off your first order!!

Earlier this year she hosted the Shoe Bash event at Neiman Marcus and it was a smashing success! We were there to support her of course and we had so much fun! It’s never a bad time to sip some champagne, eat something sweet and catch up with fellow bloggers. Here are some pics of the fun event:




You can read her blog post about the event here.

Just last weekend we went to Oak Park to another event of Jen’s with You Tuber Julie Hightower from “A better day with Julie” at Sanem’s Boutique (More on Sanem soon on the blog ;)) and we had so much fun hanging out, catching up and shopping. Check out the pics 🙂





To be honest, I don’t know how she does it all. Running a successful business, a blog, publishing an E-Book (Buy it here), hosting events, being a wife and mom of two adorable baby boys.. And on top of all that she somehow manages to looks incredible all the time!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram and to check out her super fun blog! Her style is always on point.

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