Roeder Studios

I can’t express enough how efficient Roeder Studios has been! I’ve been searching this planet web for months now going back and forth between designers and quotes… asking questions… Then… whaddyou know? Who would’ve thought that I’d run into Laura (…) through yelp? I saw her site… asked for a quote… and within just a few days, October 24, 2007 to be exact, she had a pdf of a detailed proposal emailed to me! The day of and after, I asked questions… Which she responded to within hours for each e-mail.

And finally today, made it a done deal! She’s hired!

We’re meeting on Monday to sign the contracts.I’m excited and have confidence that she is going to provide me with a beautiful site. I will add more to the review when my website redesign is up but just had to give the 5 stars now because I was so blown away by her ability to present her proposal so quick, professional, and detailed. Talk about a great first impression!

New website coming soon yay!

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