tristinstyling on Street Fashion: Sunglasses

by Christine Matsunaga

As I was driving up Lincoln on a sunny day last week, I noticed locals, Alison & Rocky (pictured left) soaking up the sun rays at a table in front of Costello Sandwich & Sides which lead me to do tristinstyling on street fashion: Sunglasses.

Now that the sun is looking like it’s ready to stay out after a very long winter, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Whether you’re looking to sport a fashionably fabulous pair for hundreds or nickel and dime it down to $15 bucks a pop, local boutiques all over the city are going to have all kinds of styles to choose from.

As far as looking for the right pair when it comes to whether or not your eyes are actually being protected, has a number of articles about sunglasses and UV rays. Click here to read Sunglasses: Frequently Asked Questions.

As I always say, “Hit Crossroads Trading Company first.” You’re more likely to find secondhand designer that you’ll like than at any other secondhand store. Secondhand stores are always a hit or miss yes but with Crossroads, I find misses to be rare.

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