Ask tristinstyling: Where do I go to get a good deal on a mens pea coat?


Where should I go to get a good deal on pea coat?
– Adam C.


As much as I love this Versace Collection Wool Peacoat (pictured left) with its handsome double-breast and notched collar, the $1,250 price tag is more than most want to shell out for a fall/winter coat so I made a list of my top 5 picks (below) for mens pea coats 2008. It is possible to get a good coat for a great deal.

Click the links to purchase and/or view online and HURRY because some are on sale or available online only and may run out of stock quick!

For even better deals, I suggest second hand stores like Crossroads Trading Company, Buffalo Exchange or discount stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack.

1. Banana Republic Heritage marine-inspired peacoat ($350)
2. Spiewak ‘Dugan’ Wool Peacoat ($165)
3. AE Wool Peacoat (ONLINE ONLY $99.50)
4. Merona Ebony Plaid Wool Peacoat ($49.99-$54.99)
5. Old Navy Men’s Wool-Blend Peacoat (limited sizes on sale
for $39.75)

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