Happy Friday!

If you’re still figuring out where to brunch this weekend, search no more! We are sharing with you one of the best brunches in the city of Chicago for an amazing price!

Are you ready?

Steak Bar is offering a new brunch style every Sunday called the ‘Almost famous’ brunch. For just $35 you have full access to the following:

Make your own Old Fashioned: A full bar where you can prepare your own Old Fashioned, just the way you like it! They even have a little recipe book full of unique ideas.

An oyster & shrimp bar: Full access to the freshest and most delicious shrimps and oysters!

Create your own omelet and egg benedict station: One of our favorites because you can have them make your eggs just the way you like them. They have fresh veggies and ingredients for you to get as creative as you want.

A Mac & Cheese bar: Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese? They have three different styles of Mac & Cheese; the classic, one with truffles and another one with pepper jack cheese that has a little spicy kick to it! All three of them were so good!!

Make your own Bloody Mary: This is what brunch dreams are made of. They have the best goodies for you to make a kick ass bloody mary with anything you want. Different mixes and veggies! Seriously amazing stuff.

A waffle & crepe bar: Another one of our favorites, because they make fresh waffles and crepes with fruits and Nutella.

A Butcher Shop: If protein is what you crave for brunch, they also have an area for meat lovers where they prepare your meat just as you want it.

An entire room full of gelato and sweet treats: If you have a sweet tooth, then this room will be pretty much like heaven to you! It’s filled with gelato, cupcakes, regular & boozy donuts, gummies, candy and mini desserts like cheesecake and key lime pie among many others!

Isn’t that sweet? We had a blast that day and we want to thank Steak Bar for inviting us to try out their Almost Famous brunch that will be available every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm until September 24th.

They also have unlimited mimosas for an extra $15 if you prefer champagne instead of Old Fashioned’s or Bloody Mary’s. Any thoughts? Ready to plan a visit? Check out their website for more info.

Thanks for visiting our blog and have a great weekend!


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  1. Shannon

    This looks AMAZING!!! Anything to do with food & you’ve got my attention! We don’t have enough places like this where I am. It’s probably a good thing too, I’d go nuts & be there every day haha

    TFM – Life & Style

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