Ask tristinstyling: How-to remove pilling and fuzz from sweaters using a fabric shaver


How do I remove pilling and fuzz from my old favorite sweater?


To answer this question, we put together a short how-to video (scroll down to view) on removing pills and fuzz from garments using a fabric shaver.

In the video, Christine uses the Evercare Fabric Shaver that she picked up at Target in the Sewing/Laundry Aisle for just $6.99.

The photo in the upper left is before and how the sweater looks after using the gadget while the image below shows you a few options for shavers:

1. Evercare Fabric Shaver ($11.95 on Amazon, $6.99 in-store at Target)
2. Brookstone Fabric Shaver ($20)
3. Oreck Electric Fabric Shaver (ONLINE ONLY $19.95)

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