Online Shopping Session with Brea Grant

When busy clients are too far away or too busy to meet and be styled for special events, we are able to conduct “Online Assisted Shopping Sessions” via video chat which enables us to speak with and see the client.

The session consists of web links being sent from the stylist to the client through the chat window while discussing the likes and dislikes of each piece. We also utilize our online resources for prepping clients for events (ex. “Now let’s see the other pair of shoes with that bag.”). Online sessions like this are generally done after evaluating a client’s personal style during the initial consultation.

To give you a good idea of how this goes, we put together a behind the scenes video clip (below) of on an online shopping session with actor, Brea Grant who plays Daphne (aka the Speedster) on the hit show, Heroes.

During the session, we featured the following designers who Brea La-lu-loooved:

antthony originals
stop staring
dressed up cat
the bead lady designs

Watch the video to see which pieces she favored…

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