Halo Black Clothing Shoot with Tony Francesconi Updated into Gallery

Gosh it’s so much easier to style a shoot that doesn’t need me to pull pieces from city boutiques and designers because everything is just set and waiting for me to do my thing! Now Tony, like I’ve said before, is a cool cool guy and a great photographer! While some photos don’t do any justice to the subject being photographed, he did mucho as you will see when you click the Halo Black portfolio link in the gallery section… So the client, Halo Black, had me style their Mens Medium sized t-shirts into fashionable pieces for the models to shoot in… When I got there I thought, “Oh crap these are HUGE… how the heck am I going to make these cute?!?!” But hey… 3 minutes later we had the moodle babes lookin’ ready to shoot and who would’ve thought a t-shirt could look so good?! It was fun… We were done in about an hour and a half and my son came along so he got to throw rocks into the after rain puddles… yay!

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