Ask tristinstyling: Where Can I Get A Cute Anchor Necklace For Less?


I’ve been on a mission for an Anchor necklace for a while now and I’m finding that pieces are either too expensive or, if they’re affordable, not quite what I’m looking for like these ones from Forever 21. Where can I get cute ones for less? Any suggestions?


Today’s Ask tristinstyling Q&A was submitted by one of our interns who is in for a little surprise when she reads this blog entry because the pendant (pictured left) is going to be hers! Mission complete.

Where did we find this piece you ask? Well, we took a piece off of an anchor ashtray that we got at goodwill for only 99 cents! Really! Look!:

Tada! No luck finding an anchor ashtray yourself? We took all the web work out for you and looked through over 550 different necklaces online. Here’s our top 5 most affordable anchor necklaces:

1. Miniature Boat Anchor Pendant on Silver Ball Chain, $9.99
2. Anchor Blues Necklace, $10.00
3. Anchored…Necklace, $14.00
4. Anchors Away, $15.00
5. Verdigris Anchor Necklace, $15.99

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