January IMAGE shoot with Cynthia Peters

I love working with Cynthia! She’s awesome and shoots fast! A few days ago, Friday to be exact, we shot with models Danijel & Rachel from FORD, Carol on hair and Make-up and my assistant Tiffany! I pulled wardrobe from Lenny & Me, and Night & Day Vintage! I’ve been to Lenny & Me a million times and it’s a hit or miss but that’s any second hand store you know? And don’t get me started on Night & Day Vintage because the owner Jolie is super nice and her store has some amazing finds and great deals!!!

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled… I’m trying to blog as much as I can but it’s December and I’ve been busy booked with work so… I swear I’m trying guys!

And… those of you who have been keeping up to date on tristinstyling… Thanks! We appreciate it!

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