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Ok so this is random because it doesn’t relate to fashion or styling directly but I’ve worked with Glenn Suravech on styling so I guess it kind of counts! Anyway, he and I have produced music together and a remix is available to download for free. So… Go check out I cut and pasted the announcement from the site below:

(( Click here to download ))

  * * * FREE DOWNLOAD * * * For the entire month of December, you can download Tristin’s 42 Hours (Daybreak Remix) — the first single from Mosaic’s forthcoming album Liberator, scheduled for release in the Spring of 2008.

42 Hours (Daybreak Remix) // 4:17
Produced by: Mosaic
Written by: Tristin & Mosaic
Lyrics by: Tristin
Lead & background vocals: Tristin
Background vocals: Traci Kato-Kiriyama
Lead guitar: Shin Kawasaki
Drums: Harvi Kato
Rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards & programming: Mosaic

(( Click here to download ))

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