Brea’s picks from 1ofmykind Jewelry

1ofmykind jewelry by Jody McGill is another collection that made jaws drop around tristinstyling today!

The collection is so stunning that client, Brea Grant, even found herself telling her stylist, Christine, “I love this stuff! it’s so edgy and pretty at the same time!”

Jody is customizing Brea’s Steampunk Time Machine Ring (pictured left) as we type!

“Customized cause Brea’s a celebrity” you say? Nope! Celebrity or not, Jody’s rings are all customized to fit!

We’ve listed and linked Christine and Brea’s favorite pieces from their online shopping sessions below:

Swoop Earrings ($29.01)
Hover in Antique Sapphire ($39.01)
Steampunk Time Machine Ring ($129.01)
Stained Glass Window Earrings ($39.01)
Green Goddess Vintage Filigree 1/2 Cuff Bracelet ($249.01)

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