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Ask tristinstyling: How-to remove pilling and fuzz from sweaters using a fabric shaver


How do I remove pilling and fuzz from my old favorite sweater?


To answer this question, we put together a short how-to video (scroll down to view) on removing pills and fuzz from garments using a fabric shaver.

In the video, Christine uses the Evercare Fabric Shaver that she picked up at Target in the Sewing/Laundry Aisle for just $6.99.

The photo in the upper left is before and how the sweater looks after using the gadget while the image below shows you a few options for shavers:

1. Evercare Fabric Shaver ($11.95 on Amazon, $6.99 in-store at Target)
2. Brookstone Fabric Shaver ($20)
3. Oreck Electric Fabric Shaver (ONLINE ONLY $19.95)

Before & After haircut by Cloud 9 Chicago

Check out this blog entry that I just cut and pasted from partner company, Cloud 9 Chicago…
Once again, Heather does wonders!

From: cloud9chicago
Time: March 19, 2008 at 8:13 pm
Subject: Before & After: Graduated Bob

Liz expressed to me that she wanted a more modern haircut that was fun and different. My suggestion to her was to do a trendy graduated bob with some layers and fringe. I did some interior and exterior texturizing to get her hair movement and shape. To style her hair I used a flat ironed to give her a sleek and shiny look.

My new color & cut by Heather!

Heather is really amazing! She gave me these cherry cola hi-lites and trimmed my hair down with some bangs which has gotten me SO MANY comments! If you haven’t yet, you outta give her a try!

Check out her blog entry that I just cut and pasted from her site…

From: cloud9chicago
Time: October 18, 2007 at6:28 pm
Subject: Before & After: Christine

Here is a before & after photo of wardrobe stylist, Christine Matsunaga.

She expressed the need for something hip so I gave her some bangs, trimmed the rest of her hair down with some new layers to give it a softer look, and added just a touch of cherry highlights to give her that hip look she was longing for.

Diana’s before and after photos.

Check out this blog entry that I just cut and pasted from partner company, Cloud 9 Chicago…

In the first photo (left) you see where Heather styled Diana’s long straight hair to give it that Victoria’s Secret volume and glam! Then in the second photo (right) you see how Heather was able to give her a short cut that is totally flattering for Diana!

From: cloud9chicago
Time: August 25, 2007 at 6:31 pm
Subject: Before & After: Diana

So just for fun, I did a mini makeover for client, Diana with stylist Christine Matsunaga at tristinstyling and look at what we came up with…

In the photo to the left, I curled her straight hair to give it volume and in the second photo to the right, I gave her a short layered haircut and Christine spunked it up with some product!