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Save A Lot Of Bacon To Bring Home Your Birkin


I just rented The Proposal and loved this orange bag (pictured left) that Sandra Bullock was wearing.

I thought it would be a perfect day to night bag to wear to work and after for cocktails, but when I looked it up, I was disappointed to find out that it’s retailed at thousands a piece with a waiting list that stretches for years!

Is this true?
Why so expensive?
Is there any way to get it cheaper?


The only way to quickly get your hands on a Birkin once you get enough bacon together to get yourself one, is if you buy a pre-owned piece from a trustworthy seller or website. Ebay can be too risky when it comes to high ticket items like Birkins so we suggest buying from sites like Fashionphile or Portero.

The Orange 40cm Birkin, with Gold Hardware that Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is wearing in ‘The Proposal’ is actually Bullock’s own that she wore to fell better about the purchase.

When asked, “What is your shopping indulgence?” in an InStyle interview by fan, Christina S. in Hicksville, NY, Bullock answered, “At the end of every film I buy myself something. I’m frugal and I have to have saved for it. I once bought a big orange Hermes bag, but the guilt that followed from buying it lasted a year. I used it in another movie I just shot, ‘The Proposal,’ so I feel better about it.”

Why so expensive? Take a look at how each lovely piece is handcrafted by Hermes artisans and tell us what you think TOTALLY WORTH IT or A TOTAL WASTE?:

Ask tristinstyling: Cellulite Busters


Summer’s here and I need to get rid of my cellulite! What do I do?


Mojo Spa’s latest newsletter was too good for us to not repost so here you go all! Today’s ask tristinstyling was already answered by Amanda at Mojo Spa.

We’ve cut and pasted the newsletter below:

Finding a solution to cellulite comes from understanding how it forms to begin with. Cellulite has to do with genetics and how your body stores fat and that is why even thin people can have cellulite. Environmental damage, aging and hormones are also thought to play a role in the formation of cellulite. I have used myself as a guinea pig to find a natural solution and over the years there have been lots of experiments. I found that there are 4 areas of focus to succeed:

1. Increase blood circulation
2. Ease fluid retention
3. Lymph Drainage
4. Improve skin’s structure

All these areas need to be a part your daily body regiment in order to have success and have permanent results. I have found that you can easily find short term solutions that last temporarily and can be expensive. If you are willing to put a little effort everyday then you can look great in your swimsuit on a budget friendly routine.

1. Use coffee grounds in the shower:

Coffee has caffeine which helps to tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation. It “wakes up” your skin. If you would like something a little less messier and more intensive, you can use our Get Up & Glow Body Polish.

2. Use grapefruit juice on the affected areas.

Grapefruit is great to help with lymph drainage and tightening the skin. I like to use grapefruit juice with grapefruit essential oil together. I shake the bottle really well and I apply with a large cotton pad. I let it soak in and it will feel a little sticky. I do it at night and then shower in the morning or keep on for 1 hour minimum then take a shower.

3. Ambrosia Face Oil

Packed with exotic oils and essential oils to help improve the skin’s structure to maintain and smooth out skin. Normally, used for the face but can be used for cellulite affected areas. Helps to maintain results!

4. Bootyluscious Cellulite Buster Cream:

Contains a combination of herbs of thyme, rosemary, juniper, and grapefruit, essentials oils of (grapefruit, juniper, lemon, orange, rosemary and lavender), and cocoa butter. This combination is a tripe concentration that when massaged into the area starts to have immediate results. You will see that your skin lightens and veins are more noticeable which shows that the blood is pumping through the effected areas helping to detoxify excess fluids and drain the lymph.

Ask tristinstyling: How do I transition into spring wardrobe?


It’s still a bit chilly but I’m over my winter sweaters. Besides, it’s not too cold nowadays that I really NEED to be wearing such heavy clothing. How can I dress more in season with this up and down weather?

Also, where can I go to get some cute spring stuff without spending too much?


So maybe the midwest isn’t lucky enough to get the hundred degree heat that friends in L.A. keep whining about (right now) but hey Chicago, sixty degrees beats snow so I say let’s unpack your warmer weather threads and spruce it up with hot buys to get you stylin’ as we spring into summer fun!

For now, hold on to your lightweight layering accessories like scarves and tights so you can still keep from feeling chilly until the weather begins to stay warm a little more consistently.

If you want to give your entire look an update without having to buy a whole new wardrobe, buy a few interesting pieces like the ones below to make one stunning ensemble or… add just one interesting item to different simple outfits (like colorful shoes or a hot purse with jeans and a t-shirt) to create a “focal piece” that turns boring, into, “So cute! I love your shoes!” or “Where did you get that purse?”

Ruche is a great place to shop for inexpensive, vintage inspired pieces.

Pictured above:
1. Red Braided Shoulder Bag, $36.99
2. Brassica Seed Crochet Cardigan, $34.99
3. Coco Cabana Flower Print Dress, $34.99
4. Pink Studio “Winnie” Peep Toe Flats in Red, $68.00

Ask tristinstyling: How do I customize a zip-up hoodie?


I like how you turned an XL hoodie into a perfectly tailored one in that one blog entry a few weeks ago! Can you make a video on how to customize a hoodie? I’m a beginner so the easier the better.


In collaboration with Blacklava.net, I put together a short video on how to customize a hoodie using their XL JUSTICE hoodie. For this project to work, you need to make sure that your hoodie fits with at least an inch or two of slack in the waist on both sides AFTER going through the washer and dryer.

Aisde from a sewing machine and the zip up hoodie, you will also need a few materials to make your pattern: pins, scissors, something to write with, measuring tape, masking or painters tape, and gift wrap.

As for the ruffles on the first ones that I made, I just used the scraps that I cut off and worked them onto the piece with my sewing machine. Get creative and just play with it. You can do all sorts of stuff with the scraps like I did!:

Enjoy the video:

Ask tristinstyling: How do I tie a winter scarf?


I was wondering if you could give me some tips on cooler ways to tie a scarf. I’m tired of always doing the slip knot and boring wrap around. I’d also like to know where I can get some for cheap.


It’s getting close to the end of winter and you’re tired of not only wearing the same scarf with every outfit but have found that the same old scarf tricks are boring you.

When it comes to shopping for more winter scarves this late in the season, I suggest hitting thrift stores and clearance racks while retailers are weeding out winter merchandise to make way for Spring.

I put together a video on my top 5 favorite ways to tie a winter scarf (tutorial actually starts 1:35 into the video):

Ask tristinstyling: Where Can I Get Anne Hathaways Red Coat and Purse from Bride Wars?


I just watched Bride Wars and saw this purse and red coat that Anne Hathaway was wearing throughout the movie.

I was wondering if you could help me find the brand of it or any look alikes.


The purse is called the Gigi Leather Tote by Coach and is no longer available online.

Although I was unable to find out who the designer was of the red coat, I put together a collage of where you can get the ensemble for less.

Click the links below the photo to buy it all now:

1. Hand-Knitted Royal Gloves by Hat Attack ($13.80 @ cusp.com)
2. Women’s Mossimo┬« Kaila Tall Boots ($34.99 @ Target)
3. Marceline Trench Coat ($34.80 @ Forever 21)
4. Hayden-Harnett for Target® Hobo Bag ($39.99)
5. Chroma Tights ($5.80 @ Forever 21)

Ask tristinstyling: how do I bundle up for this cold?!


I’m from California, any tips for us west coasters who have no idea of how to bundle up for this cold?!


Being a California born and grown girl (minus three adolescent years lived on an island too far away), all I ever knew was California sunshine and snow up in Big Bear. In fact, snow was a winter wonderland of hot cocoa and marshmallows melting in my cup!

Then I moved to Chicago.

Now, after experiencing my first winter (which most have sworn, “I seriously haven’t seen a winter like that in over a decade!”) of salt trucks and ice scrapers for the windshield, I can honestly say that while I continue love it for it still makes me sing about walkin’ in a winter wonderland, it’s a lot of hard work!

Try walking indoors from outside without windblown hair or a face frostbitten by the cold. I say, “When it’s 10 degrees out, layer up and suit up for the cold!”

Wear long johns, tights, or leggings under any pants and when wearing a skirt (if you must), double up on the tights!
Earmuffs help. Yes I have learned that earmuffs are more than just another cute accessory.
Get gloves. If you’re an iPhone user, get a pair of iPhone Gloves (pictured below). I haven’t tried them yet because they’re out of stock but the rave reviews were enough to get to buy in.
Protect your soles. Grab a pair of Non skid sole grips (pictured below). Payless carries good ones for under 2 bucks a pair!
Tuck it in. Someone told me that tucking in your undershirt helps cut 60% of the cold. Though I did not look into the studies done, I tried it and it works.

Ask tristinstyling: How-to remove pilling and fuzz from sweaters using a fabric shaver


How do I remove pilling and fuzz from my old favorite sweater?


To answer this question, we put together a short how-to video (scroll down to view) on removing pills and fuzz from garments using a fabric shaver.

In the video, Christine uses the Evercare Fabric Shaver that she picked up at Target in the Sewing/Laundry Aisle for just $6.99.

The photo in the upper left is before and how the sweater looks after using the gadget while the image below shows you a few options for shavers:

1. Evercare Fabric Shaver ($11.95 on Amazon, $6.99 in-store at Target)
2. Brookstone Fabric Shaver ($20)
3. Oreck Electric Fabric Shaver (ONLINE ONLY $19.95)

Ask tristinstyling: Where do I go to get a good deal on a mens pea coat?


Where should I go to get a good deal on pea coat?
– Adam C.


As much as I love this Versace Collection Wool Peacoat (pictured left) with its handsome double-breast and notched collar, the $1,250 price tag is more than most want to shell out for a fall/winter coat so I made a list of my top 5 picks (below) for mens pea coats 2008. It is possible to get a good coat for a great deal.

Click the links to purchase and/or view online and HURRY because some are on sale or available online only and may run out of stock quick!

For even better deals, I suggest second hand stores like Crossroads Trading Company, Buffalo Exchange or discount stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack.

1. Banana Republic Heritage marine-inspired peacoat ($350)
2. Spiewak ‘Dugan’ Wool Peacoat ($165)
3. AE Wool Peacoat (ONLINE ONLY $99.50)
4. Merona Ebony Plaid Wool Peacoat ($49.99-$54.99)
5. Old Navy Men’s Wool-Blend Peacoat (limited sizes on sale
for $39.75)

Ask tristinstyling: How do I get my hands on a vest like Britney?


I love the vest that Britney is wearing in the Womanizer music video! I’m not a big fan of latex but I think it will be hot with a pair of jeans for a night out.

– Ally F.


The vest that Britney is wearing in the womanizer video is Syren Latex Couture’s Britney vest designed by Jeffrey Gent. The piece is currently retailing for $199 on the site and since you’re not a huge fan of latex, I’m sure you can get the look for less from other stores who carry vests since they’re so in right now.