Month: January 2007

Metro Boutique

Three strikes for this place.

The first time I went to Metro I was bothered by the associates because they were very pushy with trying to get me to try on all of their new merchandise so instead of taking the time to shop, I spent it going, “oh ok no thank you that’s ok…” and had to leave cause it was so overwhelming.

The second time, I took a client there to shop and it was the same scenario! my client got very annoyed because I was trying to fit her in this really nice sweater but the girl who worked there kept coming up with other stuff and kept touching my client… so we left…

The third time, today, a friend and I walked in and it was the same nightmare all over again… I picked out a few tops for her to put on so as she came out to show me and the sales associate stepped in front of me to put a belt around my friend’s waist while I was trying to fit top on her .

Aaw… I feel bad and all but it’s three strikes and metro’s out so I can’t shop there ever y’know?
Besides, there’s so many other stores on Melrose that I love anyway!

7600 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-4256

Nanette Lepore: Vegas



I love her stuff.

The only downside is the ultra high end prices which isn’t really a downside because it can be justified by the intricate detail and quality of each and every well designed piece in her collection.

I took a client shopping at the Forums in Vegas today and totally fell in love with the Drop Anchor Jacket (pictured left) but didn’t buy it cause I cheaped out.

To this day, I still regret not getting it because it is such a beautiful piece.

The Vegas boutique was a real treat…

Here’s what the jacket looks like in cherry:

Check it out when you’re in Vegas
(and yes that S after Boulevard should be there):
3500 Las Vegas Boulevard S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 893-9704