Month: August 2007

ARMADIO fall ‘07 fashion show photographed by Brian Choi

The ARMADIO fall 2007 Fashion Show was a total hit =). We did the show in-store first for the cocktail event and it was so crazy back there. The models had their heels clacking up the stairs to the dressing area as the make-up artist (who volunteered to do make-up since both of the artists scheduled had to cancel last minute…) while I primped and prepped with a, “K go you’re good… K go…” By 8ish, I felt like it was midnight but had to keep the energy flowin’ cause next thing I knew, it was time to get into the limo and head straight to Lumen.

Lumen is a pretty nice, hip spot with it’s clean lines, low tables and benches… and lighting… (It was so nice to see some family show up in support of it all.)

So we did our thing… I stepped away for the Fashion Show portion to primp and prep “backstage” behind the bar (tee hee) and went back right after to shootin’ the breeze to loud music while people watching… the crowd was interesting and fun… but I was either too pooped to care or too excited that I was spending good times with my cousins and a friend of theirs… or both…

Boutique Review: Cali

For Chinatown wear, they’ve got some cute stuff here! Any time I got a piece from here, it always got compliments. The prices are good and I never saw a duplicate because they don’t stock up like crazy and not too many people know about Cali even though they’re right in Eagle Rock, pretty obvious at the Westfield Shopping Center.

Their stuff is just high maintenance in the cheapie way… y’know… Sometimes I’ll really want something but I can tell from the stitching or fabric that it’ll fall apart or shrink funny… which leaves me with babysitting it for as long as I keep it in my wardrobe or just plain not buying the item.

2700 Colorado Boulevard
Suite 260
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 254-4215

SHE Boutique

Um wow. I wish I could give it ten stars…

I saw this boutique a few months ago because I was driving by and thought, “Hey I haven’t heard of that one before! I wanna stop by sometime…” and forgot about it… until a few days ago when I couldn’t find parking in front of Armadio just a block over and had to park waaaay far west… I ran into SHE on the way to Armadio … The window displays didn’t tell me much but I thought I’d walk in anyway and was totally blown away by all the pieces that this store had! The owner, who used to be a model, hand picks each and every piece! Their jewelry is amazing… totally amazing… I fell in love with this pearl cuff (the piece on the right in the picture –>) and now I want it cause it’s dreamy =)

Usually I get turned off when prices are steep because it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds on a piece of clothing that will be out of style in a few months but I think purchases from SHE are totally worth it.

BOOTS! i loooove boots…
Again, their jewelry is amazing…
Oh man… whew…

1024 W Armitage Ave
(at Kenmore Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 880-8061

Diana’s test shoot with Tony Francesconi #2 (after haircut)

With all the broken trees from yesterday’s crazy storms and word on more to hit Chicago today, we decided to just have Diana’s hair cut but not shoot since it was so gray out… and then by about 1pm, decided to shoot after seeing how nice and sunny it was out… So I whipped up a look for Diana and it was on… Man we got some great shots! We even got one of me in the shot by accident that came out pretty cool!

Cloud 9 Hair Salon

Cloud 9 Salon is operated by Heather, a Licensed Cosmetologist and Licensed Instructor. She graduated from the Aveda Institute in Chicago, and after graduating was asked to be on staff as a teacher with Aveda. Heather loves to use her artistic abilities doing hair color, cutting and styling. “I want my clients to leave having a unique experience and look forward to coming back!”

She is a wonderful Colorist and Hair Stylist! She’s got what it takes to do hair right and is absolutely (if not the, one of) the sweetest people you’d ever meet too!I’ve been working with her on photo shoots over the last few weeks so I’ve gotten to see the before and after of it all! You know that rawring purring va-va-voom glamorous look you get after getting your hair done really well? Yeah… she has that power… And… Her prices are reasonable! The salon is located on Broadway, one block north of Diversey. but it’s best to call and book an appointment or at least call ahead in case she’s not in the shop and on location :

2843 N Broadway St
2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60657
(815) 262-3776

ARMADIO Boutique

I went to Armadio to meet the owner because I was interested in styling their fashion show next week and ended up REALLY liking what I saw. Maira, the owner knows how to give a customer a warm welcome too!This lil boutique just opened up a few months ago and they already have a foot in the door of some of Chicago’s hottest photographers and magazines! They had good stuff for a night out and adorable jackets. It’s high-end stuff so of course it’s gonna be a bit pricey but man did I just wanna max it all out in there…

1006 W Armitage
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-7505

Mon-Wed: 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Thurs-Sat:11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Sun:12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Diana test shoot with Tony Francesconi

Diana is the sweetest thing ever. Tony is so patient with my obsessiveness and Heather is a wonderful hair stylist! She had Diana looking oh so Victoria’s Secret with that great hair styling. The weather was great because there was zero humidity so it kept Diana’s hair beautiful and bouncy. We started doing Diana’s hair at around 11am and started shooting at around 12ish… And all of us we’re tired and hungry after only 3 outfit changes!It was a lot of fun working with those guys!

Diana’s before and after photos.

Check out this blog entry that I just cut and pasted from partner company, Cloud 9 Chicago…

In the first photo (left) you see where Heather styled Diana’s long straight hair to give it that Victoria’s Secret volume and glam! Then in the second photo (right) you see how Heather was able to give her a short cut that is totally flattering for Diana!

From: cloud9chicago
Time: August 25, 2007 at 6:31 pm
Subject: Before & After: Diana

So just for fun, I did a mini makeover for client, Diana with stylist Christine Matsunaga at tristinstyling and look at what we came up with…

In the photo to the left, I curled her straight hair to give it volume and in the second photo to the right, I gave her a short layered haircut and Christine spunked it up with some product!