Month: September 2007

IMAGE Chicago Magazine shoot with Elizabeth Jochum

Elizabeth the photographer and Morgan the Make-up & Hair Stylist were both super cool and fun to work with! Andrei was easier to shoot than I thought (since guys are usually harder to shoot with the lack of accessories and all that fun stuff to jazz it all up with…) Elizabeth had a great concept in mind and it all looks like it’s going to turn out really great! Go check her work out on her website,!


Jenny’s her name and frecklewonder vintage and handmade is her game. I adore the little things she makes and the pretty vintage pieces she sells on her site. Her prices are great and not too expensive which has me wishing that I was a little more on top of it when it comes to checking for her big updates because I always find myself going, “Oh I want that!” to items that have already been sold… darn… but that’s okay cause meant to be someone else’s is what it is so oh well =)

Cotton Monsters

Cotton Monsters by soft sculpture fiber artist, Jennifer Strunge, are the best stuffed creations I’ve seen yet! The thing I love about these guys is that each one is unique and contribute to saving the earth one monster at a time since every one of ’em is handmade by Jennifer who only uses recycled clothing and linens. The design and detail of her stuff is… uh wow… I mean, she can even make a custom cotton monster to order (of course it’ll cost more) if you absolutely have to have it that way. Click the picture and check her out at

Helen Berkun of MISSRED Photography

I had called Helen a few months back to let her know that I exist because I saw her “RE-LIVE 1985” spread in IMAGE Chicago and found myself drooling. Her work is amazing… pro… beautiful… all the wonderful things I could ever say about an artists work I say about hers =)

She called me to style her editorial spread for Bomond Magazine and I was pretty much speechless but took the job =) We met to shoot on 09/05 and since it was our first time meeting in person, I walked up to give her a handshake and she goes, “I don’t handshake, I hug…” with a big warm smile.

The shoot went smooth… She snaps everything so quick that the model didn’t have to be in each outfit for very long… geez I took longer!…

… anyway… her work is amazing… she’s amazing to work with… she’s just amazing over all =)

Chicago, IL


Pivot Boutique

Yay for Chicago’s first Eco Boutique!

Pivot will be having their Grand Opening on Tuesday (Sept 4th)! The website has it down right when they say, “If you are looking for cutting-edge fashion or eco-friendly fabrics and designs – you’ll find both at Pivot. Stylish and sustainable can co-exist.”

The store is decked out with fixtures that have little pots of plants along the bottom and are made by a local artist who makes all of his pieces out of scrap metal. My favorite pieces in the store were the bahar shahpar babydoll dress which was featured in Lucky on July ’07 and Ashley Watson bags which were in I think Lucky and Nylon… Pivot is the only store in Chicago that carries Ashley Watson too!!

Anyway… long review getting too long so there… 5 stars… I’m going back there asap.

1101 West Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 243-4754

Tue-Sat 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Sun 12:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.