Month: November 2007

Fluxcore Holiday Shoot

Today’s fluxcore shoot was photographed by Likalee Tamay, Hair by: Eli Mancha @ Bang! Salon, Make-up by Diana Arce, and Model, Monmayuri Ray. It was a lot of fun, work, time… and a big challenge for me! Diana came up with the idea of using holiday gift wrap to make dresses for the shoot! So we did it! Yeah that was the first time it took me longer than hair and make-up to get everything together because I had to piece everything on Monmayuri once she was ready since she couldn’t really sit in the “wardrobe”…

It was fun but now I’m so tired and yawning =)


J Lyntrell

Now is it odd for one stylist to give comments to another great stylist’s work? I think not.


There’s this other Chicago stylist named J Lyntrell whose work is really good and I keep stumbling upon every once in a while since I moved here to Chicago in Feb ’07.

This photo is my favorite of all his still/product shots because that whole baguette thing is genius! And… He pulled all the jewelry in this photo from one of my favorite boutiques, SHE!

That’s all, just giving propers =)

Bomond Dec 2007

Di Moda Jewlery and Phaiz graced the pages of Bomond with fabulous furs and glamorous bling.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

© Helen Berkun for Bomond Magazine | Photographed by Helen Berkun [] | Styled by Christine Matsunaga @ tristinstyling | Hair & Make-up by Christina Culinski | Photo assistant: Drew Wehde | Model: Jessica Lillemon

Ask tristinstyling: How do I get that hot Men’s look without spending a fortune?


How do I get that hot Men’s look without spending a fortune?


I so love the men’s look right now! Here’s a video by FORD Artists that shows you how!

(Ford Artists’ wardrobe stylist Alexis shows how to incorporate the men’s wear look seen on the runway last fall into your wardrobe.)
How to: Incorporate the Men’s Fashion Look

How to: Incorporate the Men’s Fashion Look Pt. 2

Too Funny!

Thank goodness all the photographers I’ve worked with so far have been absolutely amazing not only with the work they present but with their fun personalities as well! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, take a read below at the craigslist post, followed by a reply to it…

This is too funny.


Fashion Stylist needed for Avant Garde Editorial
Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-13, 1:18PM CST

Fashion Photographer shooing an editorial spread for a local magazine/website and my stylist is still in NYC over the deadline and I don’t have time to play pattycake with the agencies. I’m looking for someone who already has a book or web portfolio where I can view your work. If you are with an agency, great – we can get those specifics later. If you don’t have a website you should at least have some samples to send me and then we can discuss the specifics. This has to be shot before December 1st and highly stylized, no “one stop shop dept store test project”.

Serious inquires only, all others will be deleted.


re: Fashion Stylist needed for Avant Garde Editorial
Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-13, 11:04PM CST

Hey “Fashion Guru,”

Get over yourself. Do not bark orders at people. You sound like a hot head. Remember: You need a stylist more then they need you. There are HUNDREDS of GREAT photographers and far less GREAT stylists.

Try talking to them like humans. You might also want to show examples of your work. Afterall, ANY of us can claim our stylists are in NYC.

Maybe, if you were not such a prick, your stylist would be able to refer you to one of their friends or you would have already networked with a competant stylist in the city to assist you. Really: you want to find an EXPERIENCED stylist on Craigslist? Er… wait… don’t take my suggestions! Keep being an ass so they can continue working with me and my team!

-Your competition

Ask tristinstyling: Any tips for a quick fix for nails?


Any tips for a quick fix for nails?


Well… if found a way to get manicured in under 30 seconds! I’m not kidding!

You just brush on Neutrogena’s Instant Nail Enhancer and then rub a little bit of Mojo Spa’s Finger Fluff Cuticle Butter into your finger tips and your nails look like you just got them done!

Product details:

Neutrogena’s Instant Nail Enhancer is a squeeze tube with a brush tip that is filled with the trusted brand’s enriched vitamin E and B5 formula that just brushes on and leaves nails looking like they’ve just been buffed and shined without the mess and time stress of polish!

Mojo Spa’s Cuticle Butter smells so good and is made with concentrated oils that heal and nourish the cuticles!

Both products come in purse sized tubes which make it a perfect on the go treat at your fingertips in seconds!

Mojo Spa From Face to Toe

Ok so I have been Oogling over Mojo since summer but never found that time to go with my schedule and all. I went there twice with clients but they had nobody available the first time and were closed the second time. But something about this place just made me wanna give it a try cause I figured 3’d be a charm.

I got a ship load of stuff! First I went for all the products that were used during the Mani/Pedi experience…
– Pumpkin Spice scrub
– Save Your Soles Foot Butter
– Sweetie Mulit-Use Oil
– Skin Smoothie Lotion

Then I grabbed the stuff that I liked from all my product sampling…
– Finger Fluff Cuticle Butter
– Doll face Mattifier
– Twinkle Whipped Foundation

All the other products are pretty standard as far as usage goes but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to find a facial moisturizer that won’t leave me splotchy with hives in minutes and… I’ve NEVER been a foundation girl until now so I must rant on the The Doll Face Mattifier with UV protectant which smells great unlike other UV lotions that smell… well… Sunblocky and the Twinkle Whipped Foundation packed with 30 herbs that heal and nurture the skin while the crystals make everything glow! What? Yes. Amazing.

I moisturize with Doll Face, then I apply the twinkle and voila! all done and ready to go! It’s too simple.

Phaiz Grand Opening

Phaiz had their Grand Opening this evening and it was fantastic!! The two stylists, Alexi and Betsi are so on top of things, got the place together, and had everything up and running in no time! They had a bar loaded with wine and beer from the sponsor of the evening which I found by luck at a yelp event, Tiger Beer. Catering was delicious. The DJ’s spun some old school beats and the crowd… was a crowd! It’s so exciting to see something that isn’t just new but different. See Phaiz is a gallery/boutique type of space where installations and inventory will be presented for a month, every month. Phaiz is not your typical boutique where things sit in the store for months and get dusty until that sale day comes for a piece to get snagged. The inventory will have a theme every month and only a few original, handmade pieces will ever be made. So if you like to be original and sport pieces that are cozy and intricate and get a lot of compliments then shop here. If you like having something that everyone else has, go somewhere else is what I say. Here’s a snapshot of Betsi, me, and Alexi with Tiger Beer…

Wish List Pick of the Week

Earmuffs. Y’know, I’ve never thought of earmuffs as a cute accessory until I saw these fox fur muffs by Juicy Couture at Saks! Oh I want em so bad I could almost run my lil self over to the nearest Saks Fifth and get em but I’m going to wait and see if Phaiz is going to come out with earmuffs. If I had the the two choices of handmade and one of a kind to mass produced so everyone in the world can have one too, it would be one of a kind over mass produced any day!

Chicago Shopping Calendar

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