Month: January 2008

Crossroads Trading Company

On a general note, I’d have to say that my favorite thing about the Crossroads Trading Company is that you never know what you’re gonna find. No goodwill rummage crap here since they’re actually really picky about what they purchase to sell in store… Crossroads also has lower price points than any other that I’ve seen so far!

This location gets 5 stars because it never fails me where not only do I always walk out of there with something or leave wanting more but… it was the first Crossroads I ever crossed roads with =)

7409 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 782-8152

Who is Target’s next GO Designer?

I walked into Target the other day to check out their GO designer for the month and what? No GO?!?! What’s going on here?

So I logged on to only to find Erin Fetherston’s collection on Clearance and a nail biting flash message that quickly scrolled through the Go designer time line and ended with text that read: “Friends for over 13 years, these LA based designers launched their first clothing collection in 2003. Their designs of classic shapes, striking prints and playful finishes have already gained a fan base from chic women ’round the globe.”

So after oodles of googles, here’s what I came across…

This article from from back in August ’07 entitled “Milla Jovovich fashions new Target The “Resident Evil” star unveils a new capsule line in Spring ’08…”

which then led me to… where the bio states: “established by Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk in LA in 2003. Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk design clothes that encompass the belief of ‘feel good, look great, feel bad, look great’. Friends for over 10 years–”

So… it’s gotta be right?!

We’ll just have to
wait and find out now won’t we?

Wish List Pick of the Week

How cool are these bags! I’d never have to worry about my cellphone dying when I’m away from an outlet! Awesome…

FORD Models video: Solar Powered Fashion
(Erin takes a veritable walk in the sun with this bags that aren’t just fashionable, but are also solar powered! The solar cells on these bags by Voltaic and Noon Solar are enough to charge mobile phones and iPods.)


Hey guys! Check out this ad from craigslist! Sounds interesting hu?

The producers of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway are creating the next television show that could be your big break into the competitive world of fashion! Is fashion your passion? Have you always wanted to break into the fashion world and just need to get your foot in the door? No prior experience necessary. If you or someone you know might be interested, please forward your contact information, a recent photo, a short description of yourself, why fashion is your passion and why you think you have what it takes to make it in this competitive world to:

Casting begins in Chicago immediately, so please contact me ASAP!



My client, Phaiz, is looking for 10 designers in the following categories to collaborate with or purchase from:
– jewelry
– graphics
– reworked vintage pieces
– fibers/crochet/knitting
– millinery
– leather
– fur
– purses and handbags
clothing designers in the following:
– skirts
– jackets
– wraps
– vests
– corset
– leg and hand warmers
– scarves

the list goes on… if you create… you may submit samples of your work to us!

Please follow instructions. We get so much spam that we delete any e-mail that is not titled correctly.

If you would like to be considered for visiting designer, please cut and paste the text between the dotted lines and e-mail to as instructed:


subject title: [Enter your brand/collection name here] for PHAIZ

– message

– name
– company/brand
– phone
– email
– website link
– link to prices (or attach price sheet)


If you do not have a website yet, please attach photos of your designs to the e-mail instead.

Phaiz info:

Phaiz is a small boutique where fashion and art merge. The fashion items are one of a kind produced exclusively for Phaiz, by visiting designers. Their concept also features site-specific art installations for Phaiz by visiting fine artists. The fashions and art installations are temporary. New and unique presentations are created each month. They celebrate their arrival with a festive reception held on the Friday closest to the 15th of each month. For more information about Phaiz, you may visit their website at Thanks! We are looking forward to discovering new talents!

Ask tristinstyling: What are some ways that I can style my fine short hair?


What are some ways that I can style my fine short hair?


Here’s a FORD Models video to answer your question. Man it makes me wanna chop my hair off! I don’t know, I’ve had long hair for so long that I don’t know what to do with it really =)…

Hmm… well… Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Ford Models Video: Styling tips for short fine hair
(Nicole shows how she styles her short and fine hair using Alterna styling mud.)

Yelp Fashion Show | factio-magazine, January 8, 2008

Yelp Fashion Show
By Kari Skaflen

The opulent Newberry Library played host to’s first annual fashion show, Thursday evening, January 10th. put together all aspects of the cozy event, providing the sumptuous setting, a tasty range of passed hors d’oeuvres by Simply Elegant Catering and sophisticated wines courtesy of Night Harvest.

The community website,, allows members to rate and review their favorite boutiques and restaurants and share recommendations. The website’s motto is “Real People. Real Reviews.” True to their word, the fashion show featured real Yelpers as models, wearing clothing from some of their favorite local boutiques including Pivot, Eskell, She and others. The show was well styled thanks to Christine Matsunaga from tristinstyling and hair and makeup by Blo Salon and Day Spa. The seated crowd enthusiastically cheered their fellow yelpers as they showed their glamorous side on the catwalk.

We’re giving a five star rating to’s first ever fashion event and can’t wait for more.

Article link:
factio-magazine, January 8, 2008
Yelp Fashion Show

Last Night’s Yelp fashion event

Last Night’s Yelp event didn’t turn out like I thought it would… It was way better than I expected! The hall was jam packed with goodie bags for the guests, an open wine bar, and Hors D’oeuvres and Night Harvest wines served by Simply Elegant Catering. Blo Salon and Day Spa, the Hair & Make-up sponsor of the evening did an amazing job! I showed up with my strands in a ponytail and in 2 minutes, Sarah had me pinned up into a cute lil’ hive! cute!

I was downstairs (backstage as they called it) getting the member models tucked and double taped as the staff Blo Salon got them primped and made-up…

As far as press coverage, Factio Magazine came out to cover the event and of course, Fluxcore too! Daniel Gin, the official Chicago Yelp Event Photographer, got some great photos throughout the evening too! Click the photo link to check ’em out =)