Month: July 2008

Knock-off Report: Ted Lapidus 1980 Sunglasses

I grabbed a pair of Chloé Myrte knock-offs yesterday at Forever 21 for only $5.80.

The funny thing… is how Forever knocked Chloé and Chloé knocked Ted (pictured left on Nicole Richie).

Maybe Ted’s 1980 sunglasses are so last year (even though they’re from the 80’s) since Richie was seen sporting them all last summer but how can one complain when Chloé had designed such gorgeous pair?

While the vintage Ted version has a rounded frame with shiny gold accents, the Chloé “Myrte” version has a little modern touch to the design with blocky frames, matte finished gold accents, and a better lens (gradient) for driving.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale…

is starting tomorrow!! Upon visiting, you will find yourself directed to a cute splash page counting down to midnight when the sale starts.

Wow. I’m a total consumer because although I’ve had this sale listed on the tristinstyling calendar, I haven’t REALLY made it a point at the top of my to do list on the day of. that “site down with a countdown” tactic (see clip below) worked. I’ll be there tomorrow at some point in the day.

Go get the good stuff before it’s all gone!

Ask tristinstyling: What make-up look would work best for me this fall?


What make-up look would work best for me this fall? You mentioned that Smashbox just launched their Fall 08′ collection but I don’t know what colors to use. Should I go with wicked or lovely?


When it comes to wardrobe and make-up, I feel it’s all about being comfortable with what you are wearing (even if it’s just a shade of eyeshadow or a smudge of lipgloss). Pretty much anything can look good when worn with confidence. Even a perfect match worn without confidence can look silly.

As far as choosing between wicked or lovely, my opinion is to stick to wicked for an evening look when you want to have a little bit (or a lot) of that bad girl whereas that lovely look can be a little more classic, young, and fresh. When it comes to playing up the eyes and lips, I say to go with one or the other to avoid looking like you caked too much on. Sometimes… people can get away with playing up the whole face and make it look glam, but a lot of times, I’ve seen look icky so be careful because there is a fine line between glamorous and well… you know… ahem…

Here is a video featuring an introduction by Elle Magazine Beauty Editor, Emily Dougherty, and Davis Factor, that shows how one could get the looks from their Wicked Lovely campaign which Davis breaks down as the wicked and the lovely, good and the bad, the naughty and the nice.

giovannismash Video:
Smashbox, Elle Magazine & WICKED LOVELY

(Inspired by the Good Girl, Bad Girl trends dominating the runways right now, the new Fall Smashbox Cosmetics Collection has it all! Looks that are sweet, sexy or a little bit of both. Watch this DIY video for tips on how to unleash your very own good girl or your bad girl.)

Today’s Sales & Specials

Susana Monaco’s Reese dress is a perfect fit at $158 but I am loving Forever 21’s Fab Babydoll Dress (pictured left) for only $11.50 so much that I ordered 2 for myself! The adjustable spaghetti straps and empire waistband provide the same perfect fit!

Also, click on over to our calendar to find out more about the following sales & events going on in fashion and shopping today…

– Semi- Annual Bridal Gown Sample Sale (Macy’s on State Street)
– Darphin Spa Beauty Event (Neiman Marcus, Michigan Avenue)
– Bottega Veneta Fall 2008 Handbag Trunk Show (700 N. Michigan Ave)
– Nars National Makeup Artist Event (Neiman Marcus, Northbrook Court)

Knock-off Report: Chloé Perspex Platforms

These hot white platform sandals by Chloe are (originally $910, now on sale for $682.50) available at Net-A-Porter.

J* found them knocked by Steve Madden (Calidaa sandals which also come in black and cognac) for only $99.95!

The Perspex sandals angle with a 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform while the Calidaa’s boast a 4 inch heel with 2 inch platform.

Personally, I love the look of a killer heel but find it hard to trade comfort for looks when it comes to shoes so I’d choose the knocked version over designer in this case! Sorry Chloé!

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Ennio Marchetto

Just when I start to get that feeling of same stuff different day, something as simple as an e-mail with a link to a cool video refreshes me by seeing something new like Ennio Marchetto. He puts on a one man show where the wardrobe is the main focus by wearing black spandex, black shoes on a black stage in front of a black background with costumes made out of paper and cardboard.

Really. And… It’s really cool!

All his costumes, wigs and props, illustrated by him bring each character to animated life. Most of the “wardrobe” has the ability to flip and fold from one character to another. Without any help on or off stage, he changes character by the seconds, often in front of the audience without having to go behind the black screen.

Check it out! My favorite change happens exactly 3:05 into the video: