Month: August 2008

Ask tristinstyling: How do I layer without looking silly?


I love the layering look but I just feel like I look silly when I try. I love the layered ensembles that we came up with during the lookbook session I had with you but when I try it on my own, I have such a hard time! How do I layer my wardrobe without looking silly?


First thing you want to do is determine what piece you want to be the focal point followed by figuring out which colors are going on in the fabric. For example, in the photo above, the feature piece (the dress) has a mix of textures and gold toned buttons. If you look closely at the fabric, you will see how a number of colors will work with this dress because of it’s black and gray combination which matches virtually any color.

Now, work AROUND that piece by accentuating the colors and/or textures that are not too obvious. Here’s an example of how free people layered into this super cute ensemble using a mix of lace and silkiness. They used a gold silk slip and striped rugby shirt to bring color to the outfit and mixed in the lace tights and menswear blouse for texture. Here are the items listed in the order that every piece has been layered:

1. Creeping Flowers Crochet Tights
2. Waves of Lace Slip
3. Rugby Stripe Split Neck
4. Menswear Stripe Blouse
5. Tailor Made Jumper

Bloomingdales Discount Card

Please read the e-mail that I received below for more information. For those of you who are interested in the discount card, please click over to our “contact” page and enter the following:

Subject: Bloomingdale’s Discount Card

And I will forward your information to my client who sent me the e-mail below:

from: tristinstyling client
date: Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 3:45 PM
subject: Bloomingdale’s discount card

Some of you know I’m involved with HOPE, a group through Northwestern Hospital that helps expectant mother’s who are HIV positive to deliver babies that are HIV negative. They have been 100% successful for over 10 years! One way we are raising funds this year is with the help of Bloomingdale’s. For a $10 donation you receive a card giving you 15% off virtually everything in the store on August 27th from 10am to 10pm. Plus when you use the card, Bloomingdale’s makes an extra donation to HOPE directly. 100% of the fund go directly to HOPE, there are no administrative or other costs take out.

It’s a great group, and really inexpensive way to support them. Plus, who doesn’t like to shop those “back to school” sales! If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll get you the card to use on the 27th. You can use it at Old Orchard, North Michigan Ave, Medinah Temple, and Oakbrook. It’s a one day only deal with Bloomingdale’s so don’t miss it!


ps-Feel free to forward to your friends or anyone else you think might be interested.

Ask tristinstyling: Night-time Wedding Suggestion


Hi! I read your blog often and love how you find knock-offs which are cheap, yet nicely designed clothing. I recently found these shoes and have fallen in love with them, but am not sure what to wear with them to a night-time wedding. (shoes pictured left)

Do you have any suggestions of dresses to go with these??


To help answer your question better, what is your:
– height
– dress size
– body type (long/short torso, hour glass/straight/pear shaped)
– skin tone
– budget

In the meantime, I did a quick browse for some silhouettes that work best for most body types. I suggest wearing some fun plum colored tights (example of how tights can spruce up an outfit in photo #2) to add some fun to the ensemble.
I’ve numbered my top picks in order (one being my most favorite)…

#1: Forever 21, Annette Chiffon Floral Dress
#2: Bloomingdales, Trina Turk Women’s Quinn Short Sleeve Dress
#3: Nordstrom, Phoebe Couture Dbl V-Neck Dress (limited sizes)
#4: Nordstrom, Phoebe Couture Taffeta Waist Dress (limited sizes)

Wish List Pick: Free People Boots

Yay for boots! take a look at the Fall ’08 boot collection from Free People.

If you know me, you know I love boots and that I’d be wearing them year round if it weren’t for the sunshine in the summertime.

A good pair of boots can turn any boring outfit into an hot one. If you don’t want to break the bank on a new pair though, worn in and loved is the new black so don’t worry if secondhand or thrift is the route you choose to shop.

Take a look at my top 4 picks (left) and this neat video on how Free People “conditioned” new boots to look old and worn out.

fpgirls video
Free People: Run Down on Boots
Have you ever seen some awesome beat up boots in our catalog? Let us show you how we make ours look busted up and broken in. It’s easy and fun!

Wish List Pick: Anthropologie Jewlery

Feelin’ a need for some new necklaces to get you through the rest of summer and the beginning of fall? If so, take a look at Anthropologie’s necklaces for the season. I’ve numbered my top 5 favorites under $50 in the images below. To shop the Anthropologie website, click the image below:

How about some ear candy to accessorize your lobes now that fall and winter will be demanding higher necklines and scarves to keep you warm until next spring? I’ve been drooling over their collection of earrings since I got the catalog recently and can’t help but share my top 8…

Some of my picks are reasonably priced while others are a bit on the higher end of price points because I couldn’t resist featuring them. To shop the Anthropologie website, click the image below:

Ask tristinstyling: Are the FitFlops a good fit or just another flop?


Are the FitFlops a good fit or just another flop?


Now we all know that flip flops are not good for your feet in general but for only about fifty bucks a pop, the “FitFlop” boasts better posture and toned legs just from walking around in them (pictured left).

I haven’t tried them out myself but with all the hype, I almost put in an order for a pair at after breezing through over 250 4-5 star reviews from consumers and an article by AOL stylelist, Carly Milne.

As one of Oprah’s top summer picks and stores like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works on the FitFlop boat, news has it that over a million pairs have flown off the shelves already!

As reported in the WBAL video, Dr. John Campbell from Mercy Medical Center believes that the sandals MAY give your leg muscles more conditioning BUT are not suggested for running or jumping due to the lack of support in the heel. He also believes that the cushioned heel can absorb more shock which can be good for pregnant women.

Ritter did a test at 3.5 miles an hour and had the sandal cut in half to see the material inside. Walking at 3.5 miles an hour? Sounds a bit fast to me don’t you think?

I say my best bet is to ask my own doctor to see if they are right for me. And I’d imagine that since flip flops are not good for your feet in general anyway, the FitFlops, with the cushioned heel that regular flip flops don’t have, seem to be a better and more stylish alternative. Leaner legs? Maybe… Maybe not.

Take a look at WBAL and Bill Ritter’s 20/20 report on YouTube and see if you can make up your mind for yourself.


Ritter’s 20/20 report:

Still want to nab yourself a pair? New members can sign up through this referral link to get at least get a ($5 cash back plus 10% cash back for new Ebates members) discount which comes out to almost $10 off.)

Here’s a cut and paste of the product details from

FitFlop™ Walkstar

Give your legs a workout while you walk in revolutionary FitFlop Women’s Walkstar Thongs
Every step you take helps tone and trim your legs
Developed by biomechanists at the Center for Human Performance at London’s Southbank University, FitFlops have been scientifically proven in independent studies to boost overall leg and calf muscle activity as you walk while reducing strain on your feet, knees and back. The secret is the varying density of EVA foam in the midsole that generates a “micro-wobbleboard™” effect to significantly increase muscular tension. The result: your legs work harder than they do in standard sneakers or shoes and you burn more calories.
Click here
to view the benefits of the FitFlop.
Click here to view the anatomy of the FitFlop.

Features & Benefits of FitFlop Women’s Walkstar Thongs:

  • Multi-density EVA midsole increases the amount of time muscles are engaged during each step you take by 12%, strengthening core muscles while improving posture.
  • Molded EVA outsole keeps you moving on almost any surface.
  • Leather and cotton / polyester thong upper feels soft and comfortable.

Other Important Information About FitFlop Women’s Walkstar Thongs:

  • Material Content: leather / cotton polyester upper, multi-density thermoformed EVA insole and midsole, EVA outsole.
  • Care: Wipe off with a damp cloth. Air dry.
  • Imported.