Month: April 2016

#StyleBosses we Love: Jen Worman from Red Soles & Red Wine

Hello hello! Aimara here…

For a little while now, we’ve been wanting to start a new series featuring our favorite #StyleBosses. Well we couldn;t think of a better way to start than with Jennifer Worman of Red Soles and Red Wine!? Not only does she have a successful blog, but she’s also the CEO and Co-founder (with her sister Tiffany) of the well known brand T + J Designs.

Southern Charm at Old Crow Smokehouse

Hi guys! Aimara here 🙂

Last week we were invited to try out Old Crow Smokehouse and we wanted to share with you our experience and thoughts. There a few things I say no to, and trying out a new place to eat is not one of them!

When we first got there, we were greated by Chef Tony Scruggs. This guy is really something. Expert storyteller and in my opinion the heart and soul of the restaurant. He explained what he had planned for our meal and of course suggested his favorites from the menu.


It was noon already, so it was socially acceptable to start with cocktails. And so we did.

Christine had their most popular cocktail called “The Front Porch Punch” and I went with “The Bucking Mule”. And of course here’s a pic of Christine trying to get the perfect Instagram shot.


Food is everything you’d expect from a Master Chef. Scruggs participated on Fox’s show for their second season.

We started with the appetizers. It was hard to choose. The menu offers dishes like Pulled Pork Eggrolls, Fried Ribs and Pigskin Nachos. I was suffering to say the least. Pork used to be my favorite thing in the entire world before becoming a pescetarian.  We ordered Mac & Cheese for me, the Pigskin Nachos and the Crow’s Nest Poutine. Chef Tony was accommodating enough to prepare a Tofu dish for me, which was easily the best Tofu I’ve ever had.




After devouring our first round, we proceeded to go with Chef Tony’s recommendations, since it’s so hard to choose just one dish. We had the Pan-seared Smoked Catfish and the Combo Plater from the main menu and Savory Sweet Potatoes with Blue Cheese and Baby Crow Salad from the sides menu.




We were lucky because that day it was cold and rainy, so Chef Tony made his amazing Chili recipe. It was served with cornbread, and oh boy this was good when you dipped it into the creamy butter!


We didn’t have room for dessert after all this food but we are definitely coming back for more! I already have my eye on the Mini Key Lime Pie and the Toasted Smokes Pie.

Old Crow Smokehouse is located at 149 W Kinzie. They have another location at Wrigleyville. For more info, just visit their website. I mean, just look how cool this place is 🙂




And of course Christine looking as country as an LA city girl can be 🙂 Uber chic! You can shop her look at the end of this post.


Hope you enjoyed reading about our little adventure here.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog!


Aimara (aka @waysofstyle)