Month: March 2009

SHUELLA The Shoe Umbrella

Rain boots are cute and fun to wear but what about high heel and wedge lovers… Better yet, what’s a girl to do when the rain pours unexpectedly and rain boots aren’t an arms length away? SHUELLA.

Shuella was created by founder, Rebecca Miller when she had a difficult time finding something stylish to protect her shoes from rain or inclement weather.

The best part about Shuella galoshes is that they fold up and fit in your purse or briefcase so it’s ready for rain when your outfit isn’t! Bye bye clunky rain boots!

For a limited time, is offering daily candy special for free domestic shipping and a discounted price of $34.95 (Regular price is $49.95).

Click to watch the Shuella how-to video (To skip the talky intro, start watching the video at 0:58):