Month: July 2009

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Andreea, the winner of the “Dress Brea Grant for the Red Carpet” Polyvore contest!

We loved how she chose a figure flattering modern, sexy piece and mixed it up with vintage inspired 1ofmykind jewelry by one of our featured designers, Jody McGill!

Andreea Scarlat was born in 1986. She’s 5’7″. She loves drinking tea, painting, knitting and reading poetry. Andreea is an American Studies graduate in search of a new direction. She spends most of her days looking through the same window pane, yet managing to see something different every time.

Take a look at her winning set below. To view the runners up, click the arrows:

See more on Polyvore

Andreea will be receiving a special gift and autograph from Brea as her prize for winning the contest!

Thank you to all the members who participated! It was a tough call with 1174 entries to choose from!

Dress Brea Grant for the Red Carpet

brea_grant_polyvore_styling_contestPolyvore is a vibrant community of stylish people who create “sets” using a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web.

Starting now through Friday, July 24, 2009, tristinstyling, and social media marketing guru, Laura Roeder, have teamed up with Polyvore to feature Brea’s stylish and creative fans on the web!

Polyvore members will be using the editor tool to create a red carpet look by incorporating at least one piece of jewelry from our featured jewelry designers, Jody McGill, Nina Nguyen, or Mimi Kim, or at least one item of clothing from featured clothing line,  The Serpico Collection.

Brea’s stylist, Christine, will pick the winner who will receive a signed gift from Brea and get their photo, bio, and set featured here on our blog, followed by a tweet from Brea on her twitter profile to her 25,000+ followers!

Are you an aspiring stylist or Brea’s biggest fan? Here’s your chance to prove that you have what it takes!

To enter, click the image below:

Brea’s picks from 1ofmykind Jewelry

1ofmykind jewelry by Jody McGill is another collection that made jaws drop around tristinstyling today!

The collection is so stunning that client, Brea Grant, even found herself telling her stylist, Christine, “I love this stuff! it’s so edgy and pretty at the same time!”

Jody is customizing Brea’s Steampunk Time Machine Ring (pictured left) as we type!

“Customized cause Brea’s a celebrity” you say? Nope! Celebrity or not, Jody’s rings are all customized to fit!

We’ve listed and linked Christine and Brea’s favorite pieces from their online shopping sessions below:

Swoop Earrings ($29.01)
Hover in Antique Sapphire ($39.01)
Steampunk Time Machine Ring ($129.01)
Stained Glass Window Earrings ($39.01)
Green Goddess Vintage Filigree 1/2 Cuff Bracelet ($249.01)


It’s been a while since we’ve received repost worthy content from WhoWhatWearDaily.

Our favorite? We’re loving the Wysh Sandal by Steve Madden (pictured left).

Take a look and read at their favorite sandals below:

“As you may have noticed, today’s splendid picks are all of the flat variation. And while we die for killer heels, we also think investing in planar pairs is just as life-affirming. Like a blazer or a top knot, these low-rise styles are a good way to incorporate some quick and easy polish into your look. ”

1. Matiko Lace-Up Bootie ($148)
2. Steve Madden Wysh Sandal ($80)
3. Mogil Coeur Shoe ($198)
4. Dolce Vita Hampton Sandal ($143)
5. LIFEwithBIRD Night Vision Sandal ($265, +61.39.410.4580)

Christian Louboutin Giveaway Ends Today

ideeli, our favorite member by invite only sample sale site is having a random drawing at 5p.m. tonight!

What’s the prize? Look left at the lovely Bow Clutch by Christian Louboutin, that’s the prize.

What do you have to buy? Nothing! Just click to enter! I don’t know about you but we’ve entered and are keeping our fingers crossed for the win!

Not a member of this invite only shopping community? No worries! tristinstyling’s got your hook up. Click here to enter if you’re not a member.

Take a read at what ideeli has to say about all this:

“French Fetish

Paris, the City of Lights, also happens to be the mecca of fashion. And perhaps no other city rivals its history and reputation when it comes to turning out unabashedly sexy, undeniably sophisticated accessories. Just take the legacy of Christian Louboutin for example. Raised in the heart of Paris, Louboutin’s first inspiration hit him at the tender age of twelve, when he spotted a drawing of a sharp-heeled woman’s shoe in the African and Oceanic Art Museum.

Fueled by this passion, Louboutin went on to train at the iconic French houses of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent before founding his own self-titled label and boutique in Paris in 1992. His aesthetic lies in that slender space between sex kitten and lady-who-lunches. With an ambitious vision and a sharp eye for detail, Louboutin creates shoes and handbags that remind us that fashion should be fun and that a slight fetish for French design can make a sultry impact on your style.”

Etsy Weekend Deals!

Etsy has a whole lotta deals going on this weekend with discounts ranging from 10% – 25% off, buy one get one, or free shipping!

Shop their extended Weekend Deals Guide and for the first time ever, their special July Fourth Free Shipping Guide. This weekend, relax on the beach and let the merchandise come to you, free of charge!

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The key to the stone necklace

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Ingrid Fingerless Gloves

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Lotus Honey Cabochon Earrings

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Steampunk Filigree Ring

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Crayon Roll – Blue Daisy

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Free Ship-Beach House Dishcloths

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Peach Moonstone cascade earrings

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ANY 4-Letter Word Sign Language

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pine forest scarf

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Cookies Crocheted Play Food

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Internet sterling silver pendant

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LA Drama Queen Swimwear

We stumbled across swimwear by LA Drama Queen on etsy earlier today and just couldn’t help getting excited over these lovely pieces. Designed by Tani Marie who has been handcrafting clubwear, swimwear and lingerie since 1999, she learned her craft building exotic dancewear and was hired as a house mom at a gentlemen’s club.

Not impressed with the clothes available, she began creating custom pieces for the dancers. After a few months of designing and experimentation she was able to construct outfits to sell. Six months later, having a large variety of patterns, styles and custom orders, it was time to do it full time.

LA Drama Queen’s style has always leaned to the sexy side, and she draws inspiration from hip hop, 80’s punk rock, classic funk, classic pin ups, classic cinema, anime, lowrider cars and bicycles, roller skating and surfing.

Check out our top 5 below:

1. Two Piece Scrunchkini swimsuit in Navy Blue ($90)
2. Vintage Inspired Red Swimsuit w/Polka Dots ($110)
3. Absinthe – One Piece Swimsuit ($90)
4. Vintage Inspired Barbie Swimsuit ($110)
5. Reversible Tie Side Bikini ($85)