Month: December 2008

Brea Grant Style Update

Last night, Brea attended the HFPA Salute To Young Hollywood Golden Globe Party (held at Nobu).

Her dress by Los Angeles clothing designer, Jenny Han, whose designs are casual-chic and feminine was a perfect way to do all black.

Her necklace, by Portland jewelry designer, Amy Wing, is a perfect match to her clutch by accessory designer(s), Tivi, whom I’ve been a fan of for a while now.

Her boots and ring are both vintage pieces.

Hel-lo… Kitty!

Y’ever feel like your coziest clothes could still make the style cut if they were to be updated just a bit?

Well… the other day, I threw on my old worn in (but still cozy) men’s XL navy blue hoodie and thought, “Hmm… Either this needs to go or I need to do something fun with it.” So… rather than throwing it out, I hopped onto my hello kitty sewing machine, and made the ruffly, feminine piece you see pictured left!

Now I’m on a roll… I’ve got all kinds of ideas for Christmas gifts!

Check out the other pieces I’ve sewn together in the photo below:

Ask tristinstyling: how do I bundle up for this cold?!


I’m from California, any tips for us west coasters who have no idea of how to bundle up for this cold?!


Being a California born and grown girl (minus three adolescent years lived on an island too far away), all I ever knew was California sunshine and snow up in Big Bear. In fact, snow was a winter wonderland of hot cocoa and marshmallows melting in my cup!

Then I moved to Chicago.

Now, after experiencing my first winter (which most have sworn, “I seriously haven’t seen a winter like that in over a decade!”) of salt trucks and ice scrapers for the windshield, I can honestly say that while I continue love it for it still makes me sing about walkin’ in a winter wonderland, it’s a lot of hard work!

Try walking indoors from outside without windblown hair or a face frostbitten by the cold. I say, “When it’s 10 degrees out, layer up and suit up for the cold!”

Wear long johns, tights, or leggings under any pants and when wearing a skirt (if you must), double up on the tights!
Earmuffs help. Yes I have learned that earmuffs are more than just another cute accessory.
Get gloves. If you’re an iPhone user, get a pair of iPhone Gloves (pictured below). I haven’t tried them yet because they’re out of stock but the rave reviews were enough to get to buy in.
Protect your soles. Grab a pair of Non skid sole grips (pictured below). Payless carries good ones for under 2 bucks a pair!
Tuck it in. Someone told me that tucking in your undershirt helps cut 60% of the cold. Though I did not look into the studies done, I tried it and it works.

Knock-off Report: Chloe Paddington Bag

Did you ever obsess over Chloe’s Paddington bag but could never get yourself to spend the $1540 on it when they were available? No worries because *J found another hot buy!

Shop Suey Boutique has their version available for only $48 (plus 20% off if you buy before Christmas!). It is also available in pink, tan, black, and cream.

Click here to get it.

*Click here to see more finds on J’s blog!

Brea Grant at the Avakian Beverly Hills Boutique Celebration

Last night I styled Brea in a dress by for the Avakian Beverly Hills Boutique Celebration.

Stop Staring (as featured in our video “Online Shopping Session with Brea Grant“) features sexy silhouettes with a rockabilly, vintage 40’s and 50’s flair. They also design plus size pieces.

Right now, through December 15th, you can get 20% off your order. Just shop and the discount will be applied at checkout.

– Christine Matsunaga

Online Shopping Session with Brea Grant

When busy clients are too far away or too busy to meet and be styled for special events, we are able to conduct “Online Assisted Shopping Sessions” via video chat which enables us to speak with and see the client.

The session consists of web links being sent from the stylist to the client through the chat window while discussing the likes and dislikes of each piece. We also utilize our online resources for prepping clients for events (ex. “Now let’s see the other pair of shoes with that bag.”). Online sessions like this are generally done after evaluating a client’s personal style during the initial consultation.

To give you a good idea of how this goes, we put together a behind the scenes video clip (below) of on an online shopping session with actor, Brea Grant who plays Daphne (aka the Speedster) on the hit show, Heroes.

During the session, we featured the following designers who Brea La-lu-loooved:

antthony originals
stop staring
dressed up cat
the bead lady designs

Watch the video to see which pieces she favored…

$10 off any $60 purchase at Victoria’s Secret

Get $10 off any $60 purchase at Victoria’s Secret through December 7, 2008 in-store! when you print and present this coupon before purchase. Click the photo on the left for the printable size.

If the image won’t print the barcode clearly for any reason, e-mail us at and we’ll forward you the e-mail from Victoria’s Secret as soon as we can!

Their fine print:
Print this email and present it at any Victoria’s Secret store (excluding Outlet stores) to receive $10 off any purchase of $60 or more. Offer valid through December 7, 2008. Limit one offer per customer per day. Cannot be used with any other coupon, discount or introductory offer. Not valid on previously purchased merchandise, catalogue or online purchases. No cash value or rain checks issued. Associates of Victoria’s Secret and its affiliates are not eligible. STORE ASSOCIATE USE ONLY: Offer type 4016 for $10 Off a $60 purchase.