Month: October 2015

Breakfast at Gigi’s

After hearing about Gigi’s Cupcakes opening their doors this morning, we had to head over to see what all the hype was about.

With over a hundred stores nationwide, and people raving about it, it just has to be good right?!

Um, yeah… beautiful and delicious? What more could anyone ask for?

The place was packed, an array of cupcakes lined up perfectly in the glass case with too many decadent choices to choose from!

The sample of the gluten free triple chocolate torte was so rich and moist that we got a box of one of everything to take home. But first food pics…

When you can’t decide on what to get you say…

Uniqlo Tuxedo Blazer Breakfast at Gigi's

“One of everything please!”

Uniqlo Tuxedo Blazer Breakfast at Gigi's

But first, photos (note the chocolatey face photobomb)!:

Uniqlo Tuxedo Blazer Breakfast at Gigi's

Today’s look:

The weather called for more rain this morning so an ensemble with rain boots was in need.

For today’s look, we paired a skirt from a T&J Designs’ (2 piece gingham print set) with a black lace peplum top, skinny Hermes Constance belt, camel hat from Gigi Bottega, Henry Ferrera rain boots, 3.1 Philip Lim copper Pashli satchel, and topped it all off with the oh so comfortable

IDLF Tuxedo blazer by Uniqlo.

Links to buy pieces from today’s look below.

Uniqlo Tuxedo Blazer Breakfast at Gigi's

Today’s post was sponsored in part by Uniqlo.

What’s a Closet Audit?

Last week, we had the pleasure of having Aimara of @waysofstyle photograph and write about a tristinstyling a closet audit!

We often have potential clients ask us what a closet audit entails and our template answer is:

Closet Audit
Is your closet bursting at the seams with loads of clothing that you haven’t worn in years but can’t let go of? Well then, tristinstyling is here to save the day. A closet organizing session will get your wardrobe organized like you’ve never seen it before. As for all those retired articles of clothing, tristinstyling can show you how to wear an old piece like new or turn it into something absolutely different. It is recommended to use this service BEFORE booking a stylist to shop for you in case your wardrobe consists of items that are no longer worn but can be used and incorporated into your new wardrobe

But… A blogger write up with pictures is so much better!

Click here to read the entry in a new window or cut and paste the link below:

Closet Audit