Month: October 2007

Roeder Studios

I can’t express enough how efficient Roeder Studios has been! I’ve been searching this planet web for months now going back and forth between designers and quotes… asking questions… Then… whaddyou know? Who would’ve thought that I’d run into Laura (…) through yelp? I saw her site… asked for a quote… and within just a few days, October 24, 2007 to be exact, she had a pdf of a detailed proposal emailed to me! The day of and after, I asked questions… Which she responded to within hours for each e-mail.

And finally today, made it a done deal! She’s hired!

We’re meeting on Monday to sign the contracts.I’m excited and have confidence that she is going to provide me with a beautiful site. I will add more to the review when my website redesign is up but just had to give the 5 stars now because I was so blown away by her ability to present her proposal so quick, professional, and detailed. Talk about a great first impression!

New website coming soon yay!

What a shame H&M…

Dear clients, friends, and everyone who supports wear worthy fashion,

The article below is not only reason enough but the reason I can no longer support H&M. There’s so many other places to shop and purchase from anyway… You can read the article cut and pasted below if you haven’t had the chance to or click the link to read it on the Chicago Tribune website.
Protest at H & M backs claim of harassment
By Mary Owen

Tribune staff reporter
10:40 PM CDT, October 6, 2007

More than 50 people, many Asian-American, rallied Saturday outside an H&M department store on the Magnificent Mile to call for the dismissal of a white male employee accused of making racist and sexist comments to a female Filipino-American customer.

Frannie Richards, 33, of Chicago, filed a complaint against the store at 840 N. Michigan Ave., charging that while she was shopping on Sept. 13, a white male employee said, “mail-order bride in the house” and started giggling with another employee, according to the complaint filed with the city’s Commission on Human Relations on Sept. 21.

The “mail-order bride” label refers to women from developing countries who publish their intentions of marrying men after little or no communication. The term has derogatory connotations and is offensive to Asian women because it suggests that they are submissive sexual objects, said Richards’ attorney, Myron Dean Quon.

“Women are really offended; it’s really like a gut punch,” said Quon, legal director for the Asian American Institute, which filed the complaint on behalf of Richards, a nurse. The same employee then insinuated that she didn’t speak English when she asked where the fitting room was. She said the employee used an exaggerated intonation when he said, “Can you read the sign? It says fitting room.” He then mocked her, saying “ching, ching, chang,” Quon said. Two managers did not allow her to file a formal complaint with the store, he said.

The city’s Commission on Human Relations has assigned an investigator. If there is evidence of discrimination, the commission could award damages to Richards or fine the store for violating the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance.

H&M corporate officials said spokeswoman Lisa Sandberg is the only person who could comment, and she is out until Monday. | Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune

My new color & cut by Heather!

Heather is really amazing! She gave me these cherry cola hi-lites and trimmed my hair down with some bangs which has gotten me SO MANY comments! If you haven’t yet, you outta give her a try!

Check out her blog entry that I just cut and pasted from her site…

From: cloud9chicago
Time: October 18, 2007 at6:28 pm
Subject: Before & After: Christine

Here is a before & after photo of wardrobe stylist, Christine Matsunaga.

She expressed the need for something hip so I gave her some bangs, trimmed the rest of her hair down with some new layers to give it a softer look, and added just a touch of cherry highlights to give her that hip look she was longing for.


I so love the Pinkie Black Mink Cuff from Phaiz Boutique so much that I worked it into IMAGE Chicago Magazine’s anniversary spread that I styled (the issue will be out in November)… I mean just look at it… it’s so cute… The vintage faux flowers and the soft black mink go together so well… Those little buds of eucalyptus that are spraying out of the sides were something that I added just for the shoot ($3 at Crate&Barrel on North and Clyborn)… Phaiz… One of a kind fur pieces handmade and designed by Robin Kyle that’ll get lot of attention without costing both your legs…

Halo Black Clothing Shoot with Tony Francesconi Updated into Gallery

Gosh it’s so much easier to style a shoot that doesn’t need me to pull pieces from city boutiques and designers because everything is just set and waiting for me to do my thing! Now Tony, like I’ve said before, is a cool cool guy and a great photographer! While some photos don’t do any justice to the subject being photographed, he did mucho as you will see when you click the Halo Black portfolio link in the gallery section… So the client, Halo Black, had me style their Mens Medium sized t-shirts into fashionable pieces for the models to shoot in… When I got there I thought, “Oh crap these are HUGE… how the heck am I going to make these cute?!?!” But hey… 3 minutes later we had the moodle babes lookin’ ready to shoot and who would’ve thought a t-shirt could look so good?! It was fun… We were done in about an hour and a half and my son came along so he got to throw rocks into the after rain puddles… yay!

Part-time style consultant / stylist for (new boutique) Phaiz on Milwaukee Avenue

Availability must be:
Wed, Thu, Fri: 5pm-10pm
Sat: 1pm-10pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm
Pay: $20/hour

A new boutique called Phaiz is going to be opening up right next to Avenue M on Milwaukee. The boutique is all about their amazing handmade (mostly fur) accessories and will feature “phases” of loft height wall installations every month by artists and designs by local fashion designers on some…

We are working with Phaiz to hire a Wardrobe / Fashion stylist to work in the space during business hours. Phaiz style consultants represent the store wih their very friendly personalities and passion for the art and fashion that the boutique will feature. Of course, customer service is number one since the store philosophy is all about customer service and passion for the product(s) in store…

Interested parties please cut and paste resume, contact info and cover letter in a message with subject titled “Part-time style consultant / stylist for Phaiz” on myspace to my assistant at

IMAGE Chicago Magazine shoot with Cynthia Peters

So the spread that I styled earlier this evening was on hats…

Hats by Samsara Design and fur accessories by another great local designer by the name of Robin Kyle who will be opening her own store front VERY SOON…

Cynthia is absolutely adorable and Mary, the make-up artist of Peerlessbeauty, could be a model herself and is an amazing make-up artist herself! The FORD model Laura was the cutest ever too! Anyway…

The shoot was fun but had us working late so I’m beat!!

Samsara Design

…Beautifully designed handmade hats by Sara… The pictures on her site don’t do her work any justice…
I met with her today to take a look at what she has to decide on whether or not I can use her stuff in a spread on Wednesday… Oh my goodness… her stuff was breath… taking… I can’t wait to see the photos…