Month: January 2010

Save A Lot Of Bacon To Bring Home Your Birkin


I just rented The Proposal and loved this orange bag (pictured left) that Sandra Bullock was wearing.

I thought it would be a perfect day to night bag to wear to work and after for cocktails, but when I looked it up, I was disappointed to find out that it’s retailed at thousands a piece with a waiting list that stretches for years!

Is this true?
Why so expensive?
Is there any way to get it cheaper?


The only way to quickly get your hands on a Birkin once you get enough bacon together to get yourself one, is if you buy a pre-owned piece from a trustworthy seller or website. Ebay can be too risky when it comes to high ticket items like Birkins so we suggest buying from sites like Fashionphile or Portero.

The Orange 40cm Birkin, with Gold Hardware that Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is wearing in ‘The Proposal’ is actually Bullock’s own that she wore to fell better about the purchase.

When asked, “What is your shopping indulgence?” in an InStyle interview by fan, Christina S. in Hicksville, NY, Bullock answered, “At the end of every film I buy myself something. I’m frugal and I have to have saved for it. I once bought a big orange Hermes bag, but the guilt that followed from buying it lasted a year. I used it in another movie I just shot, ‘The Proposal,’ so I feel better about it.”

Why so expensive? Take a look at how each lovely piece is handcrafted by Hermes artisans and tell us what you think TOTALLY WORTH IT or A TOTAL WASTE?: